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Self Standing

Stained Glass

Here you can see a collection of small items that can be prchased as gifts.

Are small objects or suncatchers that can be fitted hanging on your window without needing any installation (just a eyebolt on the window frame), or just resting on your window sill.

I can post it to you. Let me know which one do you like the most, and I will tell you price and delivery options.

price range from £20.00 to £200.00, the most complex "Micros".


 As a stained glass maker my job was mainly addresses to be fitted on doors or windows, as an architectural element.
    This collection of pieces has been thought like autonomous decorative objects, sharing properties of the traditional stained glass panels and properties of sculpture. All of them designed to go in the window or in the windowsill.

   This is a collection of traditional stained glass, leaded or cooper foiled. Ranging from smaller and more affordable light catchers, till iron framed painted panels or clay framed UV bonded fused glass.

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