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Reflecting Mackintosh workshop

This was a taster workshop. A short one to discover the basis of copper foiled work.

In just 3 hours we went trough all the stained glass process, from learning to cut glass to making the design, selecting glass, grinding, copper foiling, soldering and apply the patina.

I great course if you are a complete beginner and want to make yourself an idea of what it is working with glass.



Excellent course! We learned about types of glass and looked at different pieces that David had made and some CRM works for inspiration. We practised cutting, then chose our design and glass. We cut, ground and copper foiled the pieces , following David demonstration . Then we soldered our pieces. We were encouraged and supported at each stage and all went home with a finished piece of glass.

Mary Cook

David was patient, enthusiastic and extremely informative. He also made the workshop fun and obligely went two hours over time until we finished our pieces. Can't wait until next workshop as well and truly hooked.

Sandie Duncan

Had a brilliant time at the beginners stained glass course with David. He was very good at explaining the diverse processes and kind enough to show me again if I messed up! Excellent course - pace just perfect. The finished panel was beyond my expectation. Wish it was longer!

R Morton

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