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ANIMA "The saviour of the world is you"

In 2016 Anima started as a collaboration between Basia Mindewicz and David Mola, aiming to use symbology of orthodox iconography as a creative source of inspiration. Focusing on the meditative process of art making. In Anima 2017 our aim is to express the inner power hidden in people. This time the result of the research and investigation comes in the shape of sculptural pieces. Anima 2017 brings divinity into human realm. A piece of work full of abstraction and symbolism. Mixing materials like glass, wood, video and pigments. We all meet our divinity in moments of clarity. Moments of burning truth. In those moments we meet our true self. Anima 2017 is a result or a short display of these experiences. These moments are fragments of our souls. As in one of Wim Wenders films, God is inside everyone of us, angles live at your staircase and divinity is just an early morning feeling of happiness.

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