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ANIMA. An exhibition about human soul

The project ‘’Anima’’ features work of two artists who practise different techniques and use different materials but both find common places in each practice. Icon with it’s aesthetics and spirituality was a starting point of the project. It has a different meaning to both artists but it also brings them together. Icon (from Greek) is an image. Traditional icon depicts Divine reality. It could be created using many media and techniques. Most popular are icons painted on wood covered with thin layers of gesso using egg tempera which is one of the oldest painting techniques. Using organic materials helps to connect with the creation and the Creator. It also encourages an artist to begin a relationship with the material and in consequence with the image she/he is depicting. There are many similarities in both glass and icon painting. They both meet on many levels. Basia and David are showing their personal view of the same matter but both working with their own tools. The main aim of each piece is to portrait a person's soul. As the traditional icon is a representation of divinity, for us any human-being is a part of that divine mystery, or buddahood. This work is not connected with any religious belief. Although Christian imagery is very present. It only works like a pretext for a wider subject. Every image is a map of one spiritual travel. A mixture of dreams, beliefs, aspirations and the fate imprinted on everyone.

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