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Last Weekend Workshop

Leadlights weekend workshop for complete beginners.

"We were looking forward to David Mola’s stained glass course and it turned out to be a fantastic couple of days. It exceeded all expectations, not just in enjoyment but in achievement too! We all came away with a panel that we were more than pleased with. David took us though all the stages, explaining all the steps and filling in some of the background to the materials and techniques. And very soon, we were let loose on real glass to have a go! Appetite whetted, we then started on the design and cutting the templates for the pieces of glass. By the end of the first day we went home tired but very satisfied and impatient to start day 2! Day 2 was where it could have all gone wrong – with lots of bits of glass and lead that might not fit. But, thanks to David’s excellent tuition, demonstration and keeping a watchful eye, it all started to come together! The time whizzed by and towards the end of the day we were ready for the soldering, and the transformation of a loose arrangement of bits of glass and lead into a rigid panel that was pleasing on the eye! A great way to spend a weekend. We left with broad smiles of achievement."

Paul and Jane

"I had SUCH an enjoyable weekend and learnt SO MUCH. I found David to be such a good teacher….knowlegeble, patient and so enthusiastic. I came out with a beautiful piece, and so did we all

thank you David… look forward to doing the next course!!!"

Mary Anne


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