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Frame: 38 x 38 x 5 cm

Panel:  27/33 cm Diameter



 This is a collection of traditional stained, painted, leaded glass panels. 

 I work mainly with glass, but paying special attention to the frame that supports it. Each panel is hung in an iron square frame.

 every frame has a oxidation treatment, and an encaustic medium finish (Bees wax and Damar resin)
  My craft always represents the idea of Origin.
This glance backwards has led me to study images of microbiology, taking inspiration from scientific microphotography, and more ancient works as Robert Hooke’s drawings.
 By Origin I also refer to the retracing of our own personal history. In my designs you can find infinite lines, paths and maps imagery.
  The circular shape reminds a vision through a microscope.

  All my work is largely influenced by the colours, shapes and pictorial style of medieval stained glass, however achieved in a contemporary vein.
 All the panels are individually designed and unique.


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